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The MANIKA VET LASER has been with us daily for 5 months for the therapeutic care of our horses without the use of medicinal products. The device has been made available to us to see if laser sessions can reconstruct the navicular bone of a sport horse. To the great surprise of our veterinarian and ours, we were able to see an improvement on the X-rays and the horse at a perfect clinical visit. Of course it takes time. But we are very satisfied with the results and look forward to the next steps.


We use the device for recovery after an intense effort of our horses and to avoid aches and pains. To better appreciate the effects of the device, we have tested it on ourselves (aches and pains after a fall, migraine ...) and we were able to observe a disappearance of pain.


We would like to underline that the technical team of Manika Laser is always available for our questions and advises us to improve the care. We thank them for that.


A revolutionary product. Don't hesitate to test it, you will adopt it.

tim samoy


The MANIKA VET LASER is easy to use and works well as a support during the healing period of a tendon and/or ligament injury.



We used the Manika Laser on a horse with a persistent lameness, after several sessions he became more comfortable and regular.

He can now go back to competition.

Thank you for your help!



I use the Manika laser in addition to my activity as an equine and canine masseur.

I use it mainly on muscular contractures after massage in order to act deeply, on joint or tendon lesions to help fight inflammation. I have also had very rapid results on open wounds (including a crevice that has been present for a very long time on a horse).


Non-invasive, easy to use ...


Manika's team is also very present for any question concerning the use!


Ideal to help professionals when the hand is not enough but also for individuals, possibility to rent the Laser.



I use the Manika laser on a daily basis and in a multitude of cases.


As much in the context of prevention and recovery during competitions, as in the treatment of various pathologies.

I have had excellent results in healing deep wounds, relieving arthrosis, reducing back pain and promoting the healing of tendonitis.


I highly recommend the Manika!

sebastien mortier



I have been working for more than 15 years as a manager and rider in a pre-training centre for race horses.

This job requiring various manipulations with horses in their daily work, has caused me a capsulitis in the shoulder.

  Despite multiple sessions of physiotherapy, the pain was always present and worsened over time, which made it very difficult for me to work.

 I tried the Manika Laser for the first time on my shoulder and the result was there the very next day! 

  The pain was greatly reduced or even almost gone, which allowed me to work normally. 

  During the following days, the pain was greatly reduced. It came back only 15 days after the first session and became more pronounced as the days went by.

  For me, 1 session every 2 weeks allows me to continue working without being stopped by the pain. I felt real changes and a much better comfort in my life!

Mathilde de Keyser


I have been using the Manika Vet Laser for a few months now and I have only seen good results, whether for tendinitis, back pain or wounds,... It always accompanies me during my physiotherapy treatments and massaging. Having it on hand is a real advantage to my practice!

Curious, I also tested it on myself and was amazed by the results.

Innovative, efficient and easy to use, with a team always ready to answer our questions, I recommend!



  I have been using the MANIKA VET for more than a year following an accident (an iron that pierced the tendon) causing infected tendonitis, the horse's sporting prognosis was clearly engaged, so I I wanted to put all the chances on my side with this laser.

Today everything is completely healed and the tendon has come back even better than we imagined and the laser clearly had something to do with it. Since then, I have been using it very regularly, whether for engorged tendons, or minor but painful skin injuries, and we always have excellent feedback! For example, a somewhat snug horse had its pastern cut open with a bell, and it was limping because it is a place in perpetual motion and healing is long and difficult. By using the MANIKA VET, everything disappeared in a few days and the healing process accelerated by 2 or 3 times! I also use it during competition when the calendar does not always allow us to do the appropriate veterinary care immediately, it helps to reduce inflammation while waiting to be able to do it. In addition, Alexia and Sylvain are always responsive and available in case of doubt and questions, it's practical and pleasant! Thanks to them ! . 



I use the Manika Laser daily on my horses to prevent or relieve certain pains, contractures, or to consolidate old injuries. I also use it on myself and I really recommend using this device! 



I use the Manika laser in addition to massage sessions in the case of deep contractures, but also during tendon, ligament and joint pathologies, on edema, during healing and tissue regeneration phases, on open wounds… The Manika laser relieves many ailments, helps speed healing, it has an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. It's an effective tool that I take with me every day. In addition, the after-sales service is top! 



Let me introduce myself, my name is Philippe Boelpaep, I am a sports massage therapist in Mons, Belgium.

I use the Manika laser under various treatments both for injury prevention and post effort recovery.

I find this device fantastic because in addition to being easy to use, it provides a plus in my daily care. I recommend it to everyone.

Dr. Patrice marchal


J'utilise Manika laser deppuis quelques mois sur des patients ayant des troubles de l'articulation temporo-mandibulaire. La douleur est atténuée directement et la prévalence des subluxations mandibulaire semble diminuer. C'est une thérapie très innovante dans mon domaine et encore peu répandu, mais les premiers résultats sont encourageants. je recommande l'utilisation de cet appareil d'autant plus qu'il est très facile d'utilisation.

lara marchal


J'utilise Manika laser depuis 5 mois pour soulager des douleurs ou des contractures et pour la préparation avant l'effort sur moi-même ainsi que sur mes chevaux. C'est un outil très performant dont les résultats sont quasi instantanés. Par ailleurs, je me suis luxé l'épaule récemment et j'ai pu remonter à cheval après 2 séances et je n'avais plus de douleurs après la 3ème séance, alors que lors de mes précédentes luxations, les douleurs persistaient encore après 5 semaines. Je recommande assurément l'utilisation du Manika laser.

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